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The MissingSchool Organisation

MissingSchool keeps seriously sick kids connected to their regular schools via robot telepresence and education systems transformation.



Market leaders in assistive robot service integration at scale and Australia/New Zealand reseller for OhmniLabs.


How Robots Are Connecting Sick Kids To Their Classrooms

There around 60,000 kids in Australia with serious illness or injury, who are at home or in hospital, watching from the sidelines and missing school.

My Robot Makes Me Feel Like I Haven't Been Forgotten

You can't cure absence except through presence," says Megan Gilmour...who has been campaigning for the introduction of such robots in schools.

Megan Gilmour on bringing school to sick kids

Gilmour co-authored Australia’s first report on the issue, which received wide media attention and a statement of support from then-prime minister...when it was published in 2015.

All-female ACT nominees for Australian of the Year

Ms Gilmour, a Churchill fellow, was "elated'' by her Australian of the Year nomination, not least because...national telepresence robot pilot...was now going Australia-wide